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 Stonewall Computer Center

I enjoy helping people get better use from their computers
(either IBM PC clones or Macintosh).  

Because my office is in a building built before 1851 with very thick stone walls I call my business Stonewall Computer Center.

Here are some of my recent websites:


Amateur Radio

I hold amateur ("ham") radio license N9UNR and enjoy talking with my friends. Why not visit my Amateur Radio Page for a lot of links to ham radio sites.  

I am an active member of the Ozaukee Radio Club (ORC) and 
the Ozaukee Amateur Radio Emergency Services (OZARES).


I am admitted to practice law in the State of Florida and have been a member of the American and Florida Bar Associations since 1966.  

My law page has some interesting links.

Law Enforcement

I was involved in law enforcement on a part-time basis for many years.
Go to Barrow's Law Enforcement Page


Here are some other sites that I like:

This used to be one of the family homes: Barrow House Inn

Speaking of family - here's a little bit of Barrow memories


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