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The Barrow Family of Old Louisiana

I think that my 2nd cousin, William Barrow Floyd, expressed it well in the elegy of his book, The Barrow Family of Old Louisiana, when he said; "Just as this book was going to press I received a telegram telling of the tragic fire which completely demolished Afton Villa, the old David Barrow homestead on March 4, 1963. Thus, within less than three years, both Greenwood and Afton Villa, the last two great Barrow mansions of West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, have been destroyed by fire. (...) Gone are the fabled plantation Barrows; gone is the wilderness they conquered and developed; gone is the way of life they epitomized, ... and now, gone are the architectural monuments by which they were remembered. Truly the first has become the last, for only Highland - the first family home in Louisiana - remains of the many handsome ante-bellum homes built by those of the name of Barrow."

Another historical account
More family history
Barrow papers at LSU
Afton Villa
The Cottage
    Bed and Breakfast
    Video Tour
    Another Tour
Highland f/k/a Locust Ridge
Live Oak


Barrow Genealogy

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Lineage Descendant Name Email Address David W. Barrow III
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I'll add more names and email addresses as I collect them.

This used to be one of the family homes: Barrow House Inn


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