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Derrick Home

When the Derricks moved to New Jersey they found a great home (named Great Oaks - by the way) in "horse country".  

On our first trip to visit (2000) I replaced all of the light switches and receptacles.

This year I redid the garage wiring.

(Double-click on a picture for a better view.)

MVC-006F.JPG (45103 bytes) Suzanne and Benji Derrick in the doorway of their home in New Jersey.
MVC-002F.JPG (85382 bytes) The Derrick home from Haines Road.
MVC-004F.JPG (76259 bytes) A view from the other end of the driveway
MVC-011F.JPG (46730 bytes) One half of the Derrick family:
Front row (L to R) Gibson and Tasha
Back row Benji, Gizmo and Suzanne
The five cats are inside.
YardSign.JPG (116479 bytes)

The sign attached to the post light proclaims the name of the property.  The lenses on the light are old square ash trays.

MVC-008F.JPG (66613 bytes)

HainesRd.JPG (115272 bytes) Looking northward on the road past the home.  At the far right you can see a portion of the second story.
MVC-005F.JPG (93205 bytes) The north side of the Derrick home.
MVC-012F.JPG (83643 bytes) A view of the Derrick home from the southeast
MVC-013F.JPG (74562 bytes) The Derrick's pond (southeast of the home).  The neighboring farm is a magnificent farm for retired racehorses.  There is another horse farm to the north.
Doorway.JPG (80511 bytes) Just inside are:
The Derricks - Suzanne and Benji.
The dogs - Tasha, Gibson and Gizmo
The cats - Bailey, Joey, Mo, Greta and Henry



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